Gingerbread Barleywine Recipe

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Sep 14, 2014
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Tarpon Springs
I am planning to brew a holiday themed brew on Christmas eve.
My goal is a Gingerbread Christmas beer with English barleywine as the base style. I also want it to be as dark as possible, pitch black would be best.
Below is the recipe Ive come up with. I would appreciate any feedback you guys could give.

3 gallon extract. 3 gallon boil.

5 lbs Dark DME
0.5 lb Amber malt
0.5 lb Biscuit malt
1 lb Crystal 150 malt
1 lb Orange Blossom Honey ( late addition )

1 oz Green Bullet @ 60
1 oz East Kent Goldings @ 15
0.5 oz ginger @ 5
0.5 oz clove @ 5
0.5 allspice @ 5
2 cinnamon sticks @ 5

Nottingham ale yeast.

Calculator says this would get me ~ 9.3% ABV / 64 IBU / 37 SRM


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Oct 26, 2015
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Cave Creek
I made a Christmas ale using cinnamon, vanilla, honey malt and Nottingham. I am a big flavor guy. Subtle isn't in my beercabulary. I dumped seven sticks in at flameout and it is there but not in my face like I thought it would be. Also the honey malt isn't kicking my ass, but is rather there in balance. Maybe actual honey will give you a big honey flavor. My beer is deep amber rather than black, which I think is a good thing. I also based my beer on an English Barleywine so I did want to get too dark. Have fun!