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Nov 20, 2006
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I have a backyard burner (turkey fryer) style that I am using for my keggle. It seems to heat just fine but I can't seem to get away from yellow or orange flames. I see that they are worst at lower flame levels like after I reach a boil. I have tried adjusting the air damper on the burner to no avail. Should I replace the burner? if so with what. I saw a post here about a 21port 8" burner in the 21$ range. Should I do that or is it just in need of a good cleaning? Your thoughts?
clean it first.
I had the same issue on my KAB5 until I opened the air all the way. if its closed even a little I get a lot of soot and the flame isn't as hot.
adjust the a/f ratio (more air) and move the pot a bit further from the burner. See if that help.