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Oct 21, 2007
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somewhere east on Cape Cod
OK, now we all know how to get set with AG equipment, thanks to clever contributors, here and elsewhere (thanks!).

Now the ingredients:

What would be a resonable grain stategy, considering shipping costs and grain variety and "consumption" rate..?

How to deal with the hops situation, where your favorite HBS only allow so much hops, or even grain, per order..?

I buy my base malt a 55# bag at a time from my LHBS. I buy a store of hops from HopsDirect or FresHops. I have been buying most of my specialty grains in 5# quantities from . I buy yeast from my LHBS or with my grain orders. This keeps me with a decent stock of ingredients but I don't keep anything around for too long.
The bulk grain purchases are only recommended if you have a grain crusher.

+1 on advice from CBBaron. Bulk buys of grain are nice (you don't need to always run to the store for grains) but you need to be able to crush. FreshHops is awesome. I buy yeast and specialty grains locally and have a stash from which I can make a fair number of recipes.
research the beers you like and then plan in advance.

i like to make Kolsch, so I keep spalt, saaz and ususally tettnager on hand, but I've had to switch to hallertau this season.

a few kinds of crystal malt (like some 20L and 80L should keep you versatile).
Bumping thread, as I am planning hops purchase.

I looked at a few popular recipes here, and mixed that with what Freshops offers now, I came up with this short list and why:

Amarillo (EdWort's Haus Ale, maybe a brown ale later)

Fuggles (Brown ale?)

Nugget (sub. for Galena,as in brown ale)

Summit (?)

Hallertauer (some Hefe)


FH min. order is 12 oz, and I don't even need that much actually, as I plan for a slow brewing schedule...
I'd go with:

A British style: Fuggles, East Kent Goldings (Willamette as a substitute)

Noble hops: Hallertauer, Saaz, etc.

and last but not least some Cascade

But that assumes you can find all of these. A little reasearch and you'll find there are substitutes that are available.

It terms of where to buy them, Hops Direct is awesome. They still have a good supply, but you need to buy at least 1 lb. But 1 lb of leaf hops from them generally weighs in at 1.5 or more lbs.