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Sep 25, 2007
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Quick question... I've been looking at some 5 gallon partial mash recipes that call for varying amounts of grain. Based on the article linked below, it seems 4lbs of total grain is a good starting place, making the rest up with LME and DME.

Is the size of the mash tun(cooler) the only limiting factor in determining how much grain is used? For example, the 2 gallon cooler described in the article can take 4lbs of grain. If I went with a 5 gallon cooler, could I use that much more grain? Or am I also increasing the size of my boil by doing so? (I'm using a 30qt pot with a turkey fryer.) Any clarification is appreciated! Thanks.
Generally speaking, your grain bill in PM is determined by how much grain you can mash. You can figure your grain and 1.25 quarts per pound of grain, in the container you're using.