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Dec 27, 2007
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So i'm headed home from Afghanistan and i'm stuck in Germany for the night...oh no!.....What to do?

Lets just say I've had several different and wheat....that were insanely good. Of course I had the German (BMC)...Bitburger for good measure. Anyone have a "don't miss" beer for Germany.


P.S. I'm druck and the food is great.....
Good thing to know living in Tucson hasn't damaged your ability for find good beer. It was a real dead zone around 79-80.
Tucson has a two micro brews that i know of ... Nimbus and Barrilo

Nimbus has some great beers. Espcially thier Oatmeal Stout. Up around your way there is the Pryamid company... i really dig their beers as well. The Apricot is one of my favorites as well as the winter they put out.

Prost!!!'s time for more bier!
Rhein-Main is "closed" but still used. I've been through there a few times in the past, but never got lucky enough to spend the night, let alone leave the terminal.

If he is in Ramstein, 1878's are popular, as well as Pirminators. I also had one called Wiezenbier-Hell that was tasty, over at a go-cart track at the old Sembach air field.

If you can fit them in your luggage, I'll take a couple of cases of 1878 bottles! LOL
If you're at Ramstein or near there, you should be able to get what i consider the best german pilsner out there, which is Konig Pilsner. KP for short. That is some goooooood stuff. If you can manage to find some Konig Ludwig Dunkel from Kaltenberg brewery, that has to be the most amazing Dunkel on you're making me drool for when i'm there in 9 weeks!

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