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Apr 4, 2007
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I made a raspberry cream ale 11/11. The raspberry flavor came from a can of Oregon Raspberry puree. It fermented in the primary for a week. I then racked it to a secondary over the fruit puree. After the reaspberry puree is done fermenting it leaves the beer with a cloudy haze through it. I racked it again into a third carboy to let it settle out. I added gelatin into the third carboy when I racked it on12/02. (the gelatin was properly bloomed and amount was followed on side of bottle). The beer never cleared in the third carboy. I have used this recipe in the past but have always added the gelatin into the bottleing bucket and not into the third carboy. Should I add more gelatin to the bottleing bucket when I go to bottle? Any idea why it didn't clear in the secondary? Any other better methods to clear a fruit fermented beer? Thanks....and Happy New Year!!
Sounds like a pectin haze. I'd dissolve a tsp of pectic enzyme per gallon in warm water (just a little) and add that and let it sit until clear.
Do you think it would clear using gelatin in the bottle? I will definetly pick up the pectic enzyme tomorrow at the LHBS and give it a try. Thanks for getting back to me.
I don't know- if gelatin didn't do it the first time, I'm thinking it wouldn't the second time, either! I've never used finings in beer before (I just wait until they clear), so I've never used gelatin. But I do make alot of wine, and wines with alot of fruit pectin benefit greatly from pectic enzyme.