Gardening: My Tomatoe and Pepper Progress

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All my lettuce, coriander, brassicas have sprouted so I've moved them to the greenhouse to get full light. I decided to start them a week or two earlier than normal. We can still get frosts down to about -5c occasionally but they'll all survive that fine in the greenhouse. Onions are just starting to sprout.

Chillis were a bit patchy germinating at first but they are mostly up now so i can reduce the temperature of them a bit so they don't get too leggy.

I'll sow my toms in two weeks
Here is our garden I built last fall, the trelleces were added about a month ago. Excited to grow veggies again.

Only 3 of my overwintered plants made it, 2x locoto and an aji norteno. I also kept it simple with growing just jalapeno telica, poblano and rokita from seed this year. I am tempted to buy some others though

Last year I grew loads of tomatoes in the greenhouses but I'm doing less this year, instead growing two types of aubergine and a couple of melons
My tomatoes are about 3 to 5 inches tall, still in pots. A few of my peppers are the same or a little larger; but a lot of the peppers are stunted from a white fly invasion. They should come around once I get them outside if they survive that long. I feel like I'm at least a month behind because the days are so warm, but it still gets down to the 40s and sometimes the upper 30s at night, so even tho' the soil is probably warm enough the cold nights would damage (not kill) the plants.

I saved the seeds from a Korean avocado squash last year that hid well enough I didn't find it to pick green (my brother says they look like Seminole pumpkins) and I germination-tested some. I got about 50% germination, and it's late enough I went ahead and potted them. I'll get them in the ground probably next weekend.

Egyptian onions are going gangbusters. I've started pulling some of them to use as scallions. They are very strong-tasting as green onions, but not hot. I started them 2 years ago and haven't eaten any until now, just letting them multiply; perhaps I should have eaten some earlier because I have way too many now and they are taking over 😂
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My tomatoes are about 3 to 5 inches tall, still in pots.
I just put three plants in this morning. Still looking for some Pink Brandywine but in case I don't find them I put in a German Queen plant. Haven't tried them before but I wanted to have another heirloom in case I can't find the pink Brandywine. Had great luck with them last season.
I planted my first garden in France with tomato varieties I am not familiar with, except for the Romas and cherries. My favorite cherry tomato over here is Pigeon Heart, but I couldn't find seeds or plants. I will allow a few pigeon hearts to dry out so I can plant the seeds next year.
I have hard time getting hot green chile over here so I planted some Moroccan pepper plants, and espelette(a mild "hot" pepper) with my cayenne plants in the hopes that the cayenne pollen will increase the heat of the milder peppers. It's worked for me before.
A brother in law gave me about 15 tomato plants he grew from seeds, but he doesn't keep track of the varieties he plants so I have no idea what I'm growing until I see fruit. My brother in law next door got about 4o plants from him, we joke that if one of us got all cherries and the other got beefsteaks we will just raid each other's gardens as needed.
We had a frost warning last night, looks like in a few days another night around 1c, 8c right now.
Most of my plants out already, not seeing any damage this morning. I use those black landscape sheets on the ground so hoping the warmth in the ground will give an edge against the cold.
I moved 2 of my tomato plants from gallon nursery pots to 5-gallon buckets. They've only been in the 1-gallon pots for 2 weeks and the pots were already full of roots; not quite pot-bound. (I wonder if 5 gallons will be enough?) Maybe that's why my tomatoes that are still in 4-packs and small pots don't look very good. I'll move the rest of my 1-gallons to 5's and the little ones to 1-gallons.

I haven't decided where I'm gonna put the tomato buckets. I might put a couple on south side of the house where they'll get full sun, and the rest in the vining squash patch.
My Fortex Green Beans have broken the surface and I am looking forward to another year of those delicious heirloom beans!
I'm harvesting Jalepenos, cayenne's, banana peppers, habaneros, and tomatoes now. Serannos are fruiting but not ready to pick. Red ghost is on the plant but still green. Good times.

My mouth is actually hot right now from eating some slices from peppers I just put into jars.
My mouth is actually hot right now from eating some slices from peppers I just put into jars.
Obviously not slices of red ghost.
My Jalepenos and Habaneros have only just started to flower. They've still got a bunch of growing to do.
I ended up buying two more pepper plants, Zimbabwe black which is a great looking plant and chocolate, which I think is a habanero.

New potatoes are pickable and I've been enjoying garlic scapes and it is peak lettuce season here
I planted 2 chocolate habanero plants a few years ago. BIGGEST pepper plants I have ever seen. 6-7 feet tall and roughly the same in diameter. Needless to say I had more habaneros than I knew what to do with. I thought I had some pics but can't find them.
With that comes the Rat-a-tat-tat of sprinklers if we don't get rain every two days.

But it certainly is carrot ground!

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That picture reminds me of a day back when I had a 3yr old toddler following me around the garden as I weeded.
About 2 hrs later I was back out there and found a Jalapeno pepper on the ground with a toddler-sized bit mark in it! Never made a sound but I'm sure the bite mark was deep enough to get some of the flavor of that pepper.
So the wife bought a pack of Burpee mystery pepper seeds at Wally-World and started a bunch of them. Anyone have any ideas what this pepper might be? It's really productive.

Mystery Pepper 6-24-2024.jpg

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