Garage Sale..SCORE!!

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Jun 1, 2005
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Sycamore, IL
Just today, I bought 3 kegs in good condition at a garage sale for $10. The guy kinda noticed me salivating over the kegs. He said, "Put some glass over them, they make great tables." I told him I plan to brew beer in them, and he gave me a blank stare as I carried them off to the family minivan.

I built a 3-tier system this summer with 10 gallon coolers, which have worked well. I will probably hold the kegs until next summer, and start buiding a HERMS system. I have a friend who owns a machine shop and can cut/laser the tops off. At this point, I don't have the money to build the system, but figured I coudln't pass up on 3 kegs for $10.

Just wanted to pass along my excitement. :D