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Dec 27, 2007
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About ten years ago I was learning how to brew from a couple of buddies. Through out the day they had told me of this other guy who always critiqued thier beers. Apparently he was really snobby about every beer they made. I would later witness his approach to critiqing and it sounded nothing like what i've read on the forum. I think he just wanted to sound like he new a lot about beer. Another thing they pointed out was that he drank the cheapest beers out there BMC of course, but his favorite was Keystone. I know what i like, but i don't explain it as well as some of you guys, but this guy went over the top...

So they devised this plan to fill a bottle with Old know what's coming. They give him the beer and say they were going for an American Style Ale. He pours it out of the bottle and the beer is about flat. Next he takes a swig, swishes around, swallows and then starts his craziness....The first thing out of his mouth...Ohhh that's good?! Then he starts commenting on the hops and how it was really pronounced in the beer and how he could taste different types of malt. There was more, but i don't recall what he said. Once we let him in on the secret he was actually kind of mad at us; said he didn't find it funny at all, and that the bottle must have imparted the flavors he described. We never let him live that down and he never let us forget that we drank the rest of the sixer of Old M later that night.

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