Funky Taste in 3 different batches

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Sep 24, 2007
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Charlestown, MA
Hi All,

I've got a funky taste in 3 of my bottled beers. Here's the background.

SWMBO and I, along with her Sister and Bro in law, attended a homebrew class in Chicago, Bev-Arts, last September 10th. We made a belgian style, and sis/bro made a kolsh type ale (trying to clone Flying Dog). We left the beers at bev-arts to ferment, and await bottling in October.

After taking the class, my buddy and I brewed an American Wheat from at LHBS in St. Louis. That was this incident, which many here have seen
That brew was excellent, and it's all gone.

After brewing the wheat, I picked up Brewer's Best IPA kit from the LHBS in St. Charles, IL. Nice folks.

Now it's October, we return to bev-arts, and bottle the 2 beers there. The guy thought our belgian wasn't hoppy enough (too sweet), so he made a tea of simcoe hops that we added to the secondary before bottling. Also, on both secondaries, we poured the priming sugar directly into the carboy, and stirred it up with the auto-siphons. Then we bottled. I later followed the same "technique" when I bottled my IPA. All 3 of those beers have a serious funk aroma/taste. I also dry hopped some Simcoe into my IPA before bottling.

My question is, did we possibly get the funk flavor from the mixing up of the trub in the secondary and not letting it settle out before bottling? The IPA I bottled is a bit of a prolific foamer upon opening, but not a total gusher. The other 2 don't foam over, but have the "funk."

My last brew I didn't do the pour sugar/mix technique that we did at Bev-Arts, so I have more hope on that one. I used my primary as a bottling bucket.

Thanks for any advice. If anyone wants to taste one, I can provide samples in chicago!
No, I'd say it's more like green apple (checked out palmer on that one, maybe a wild yeast, hence the bubbles in the IPA), but last night when having a Boulevard Wheat, I noticed same faint smell, turns out, Simcoe in that beer too. Could the simcoes be that pungent?

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