Full vs Partial boil question

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Nov 18, 2008
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College Station, TX
Tomorrow I am planning on doing Yoopers DFH 60 minute clone. After reading many threads on the merits of full vs partial boils I was planning on doing a full boil in two separate pots. I decided to test evaporation rates in each of the pots and discovered that my stove top will only bring one pot to a full boil, the other burners are just too small. Rather than giving up on the full boil idea I came up with a simple plan, but wanted to ask the more experienced if it would work fine.

I was thinking I would do two boils one after the other on the same burner. Once the first boil is complete and cooling start the second. Since there will be some dead time I would just pour the first batch of wort into the carboy and cap it. After the second is complete and cool I will drop that into the carboy pitch the yeast and go. Any problems with such a plan?