full 5 gal boil - recipe calls for 2.5 gal boil - hops ammounts?

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Oct 31, 2007
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Ashburn, VA
i'm brewing an austin homebrew supply murphy's irish stout clone...i have a 30 qt pot and wanted to do a full boil. I have steeped the grains at 2.5 gal per recipe and added 2.5 gal water for full boil...i know i will need to adjust the hops for the full boil due to gravity...can someone help me out with the change in hops? recipe is below.

steep following grains in 2.5 gal at 150 degrees
1/2 lb chocolate malt
7 oz black roasted barley

bring to boil and add following
5.25 lb amber extract
9 oz corn sugar

60 min to boil add following bittering hops
1 oz target

15 min to boil add following flavoring hops
1/4 oz golding

using wyeast irish ale 1084.

if anyone can help me out i would greatly appreciate it...i want to invest in brewsmith but it's not supported on mac....if anyone has a great alternative i would love to hear it....thanks...



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Apr 26, 2005
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San Antonio
It isn't necessary to do a full boil with the extract--it can be added to the last 15 minutes to sanitize. This will give you a very low gravity with the sugar alone. Boil it and the hops as you would for the full 60 and then add the extract to the last 15 minutes (or 30 if you prefer) of the boil. I did this with several batches years ago and got really good pronounced hop extraction.

This is especially the case with liquid extract. I would put in dry extract (if that is what you are using) a little longer than the 15 to make sure it all dissolves in.