FT: Caldera Brewing(IPA and Pale Ale) and Capital Brewing(Amber and Supper Club)

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Jan 21, 2011
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Oak Grove, MN

I am a member of a beer of the month club and this month they made a mistake and shipped me an extra 12 pack! I called the company and they said I could keep it. Since I don't need the extra beer I figured I would see what I could get for it.

Here is what I have:
3 12 oz. cans of Caldera IPA
3 12 oz. cans for Caldera Pale Ale
3 12 oz. cans of Capital Brewing Company Supper Club
3 12 oz. cans of Capital Brewing Company Wisonsin Amber

I'd be willing to trade for any good Stouts(Imperial or Oatmeal), Porters, DFH Punkin Ale, or anything else people are willing to offer.

Let me know if you are interested!