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For Sale [FS] SPIKE+ TRIO SYSTEM - 15 GALLON - All Electric - Baltimore, MD Area

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Jun 9, 2014
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In excellent condition. $5,200. Must pick up. Retails @ $7,300 with all options included.
  • 5 - 11 gallon batch size
  • All tri-clamp connections; 0 threaded connections
  • (3) 15gal brewing tanks; HLT, MT and BK
  • 30a (240v) PID controlled brewing panel
    • Controls the 2 heating elements (1 tank at a time) and pumps
    • All electrical cords included
    • Only (1) 240v outlet required; compared to 3 outlets with other systems
  • (2) 5500w tri-clamp integrated ULWD heating elements (also available in 208v)
  • 50' x 1/2" 304SS HERMS coil with quick connect fittings
  • All valves, pickup tubes, false bottom, etc are included
  • FDA approved food grade Silicone tubing and quick connect fittings
  • (2) Food grade pumps; stainless steel head with custom tri-clamp heads
  • 6' Stainless Steel Table
  • Copper Counter-flow Wort Chiller
  • Collapsible Speaker Stand used to hold control box
Spike+ System (Tri-Clamp Ports) - 15 Gallon | Spike Brewing

Exactly as shown here, just without the steam condenser lid as that was released after I bought it.


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