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Maryland FS: custom 3 tap homebrew kegerator

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Feb 28, 2013
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Hey homebrewing community,

I have a kegerator that I built for my homebrew. I'd like to build another one so I'm selling the other. Right now it's set up to hold 3 pin lock kegs and a 4lb co2 cylinder inside. It is made of a vintage fridge from the 60s I think but it still has that cool rounded top look to it. It has three faucets and shanks and a 3-way gas manifold.
Right now it has the leftover original cruddy looking pink finish and a vintage natty boh sticker on it but I thought I'd put it on here and offer to paint and customize it to the buyers choosing rather than someone getting what works for me. I can do just about anything you want (ie. sports teams logos, lettering, custom finish to fit in with your bar theme, or whatever you can think up)

I'm asking $1000 for the one of a kind custom painted kegerator with your choice of ball/pin lock fittings, gas and beer lines, and manifold. I can include the 3 kegs, regulator, and co2 cylinder for the whole kegging set up for a total of $1400.

Other customizations/option are definitely possible

If you're seriously interested message me and we can discuss designs and options.