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Apr 16, 2014
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San Diego
I brewed a sour mash Berliner Weisse last week based on CadillacAndy's "All-Grain - Liberty Peach Berliner Weisse (Sour Mash)" recipe.

I sampled it today (6 days after pitching yeast) and it has a pleasant, subtle tartness to it -- pretty much what I was aiming for. I'm thinking of splitting the 10 gallon batch into two 5 gallon carboys and racking them on top of some sort of fruit to add a bit of complexity to them. I'm not really looking for "sweetness" from the fruit, but aroma/color/taste and additional sourness would be ideal.

I've read several different methods to doing this, and seen recommendations from juicing the fruit (1lb/gal), using puree's, cutting/freezing the fruit and adding it in in chunks, etc.

Since I'm not looking to make a sweet beer, I'm thinking I'll avoid the potassium sorbate method, and I'm leaning more towards juicing + straining the fruits to increase the beer volume and the abv slightly (mine is looking like it will end around 3.5%. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to proceed? Do I need to boil or further sanitize the fruit? I intend on kegging and force carbonating, and the beer will be consumed within 2-3 days of being ready.

Any input is appreciated!