Fruit left for too long?

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Apr 27, 2022
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Hey everyone, just a quick one. Can frozen fruit be left in secondary too long? I've had some pineapple and mango chunks (previously frozen) in secondary for around 2 and a half weeks and upon tasting the cider today, it's pretty foul. It smells and tastes pretty bad. I've bottled them anyway and I'm gonna try one when they've primed and been chilled but I really am not holding out much hope for them.
I may just stick to flavouring with syrups and then pasteurizing them.
Thank you


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Oct 24, 2015
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Yes, fruit in my opinion can be left in too long.

Couple of things to consider: Fruit with seeds or pits. Either remove the seeds prior to freezing as the seeds tend to cause harsh flavors if left in mire than a few weeks.

Fruit generally if frozen shouldn't carry too many nasties, especially in secondary as the alcohol helps inhibit bacteria etc. As well freezing helps break down the cell structure to release flavors a bit quicker.

Fruit tends to give up all its flavor in 10 to 14 days. Keeping it in longer doesn't necessarily hurt but doesn't do much either.

Finally, Fruit should be added to a sanitized mesh bag with a handful of marbles to sink it. OR if nor able to do so then be sure to gently swirl your cider a couple times a day to keep the fruit cap moist and release the CO2 trapped under it. Keeping it moist keeps any bacteria etc from flowing and releasing the CO2 helps the yeast as they consume the sugars in the fruit.