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Feb 23, 2009
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McMinnville, OR
I had an interesting idea the other day, and I thought I’d run it by everyone else to get their take on it.

If you were to make up a gallon of wine (something fruity like pineapple or mango) and bulk age it for a while. When bottling time comes around, throw in some potassium sorbate to kill of all the yeasties, but instead of putting the wine in bottles, you put it into some type of wide mouthed jar (I’m thinking canning jars) that are about ¼ filled with a chopped up fruit of your choice (or something like maraschino cherries or more pineapple might be fun).

Throw the jars in a boiling water bath, but only long enough to create the seal on the jar so air won’t leak in to oxidize your wine, not long enough to pasteurize the wine. I’m thinking to leave just a tiny bit of airspace so there isn’t much oxygen in the jar anyways.

Is this possible? Or is a bad idea if it is possible? If you use fruit that’s doused in preservatives, or if the wine is properly sulfited, there should be little risk of introducing any bacteria. And the fruit should stay pretty much intact since there isn’t any yeast to eat it all up; all it would do is infuse your wine with more fruity goodness, and then when you crack open a bottle (jar?) you could eat the yummy fruit too.

[FONT=&quot]It might be fun to make a dessert wine like this. Has anyone done this before?[/FONT]