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Oct 12, 2009
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So, I was helping my buddy replace the internals in his toilet. Once we got the tank out his wife decided she wanted to paint behind it. So, we decided to run to the LHBS cause I needed stuff to brew today. When we got home, i threw both hops and the wyeast in the freezer.....whoops.

didn't realize it until hours later. it was frozen solid. so, I thawed it at room temp, then threw it in the fridge for the night. This morning I smacked it, and it balloon'd in under 2 hours! I never planned on a starter cause it was 1.047.

Fast forward thru (an awful) brewday, I pitched 2 hours ago and it's already pushing gas out the airlock. I thought it was bust for sure.

Other brewday screw-ups:

Forgot lactic acid and baking soda in the mash (without, est. pH of 5.65), and got awful efficiency. I hadn't brewed in over 3 months, and it showed. lol.