Frozen/Fresh Fruit to Puree Conversion

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Dec 12, 2020
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I typically use frozen fruit, but due to a raspberry shortage here, I need to turn to puree to get the job done!

My recipe calls for 48 oz of raspberries, and I purchased a 3lb 1 oz (49.6 oz) can of puree made by Oregon Fruit. I've looked everywhere online, and can't find a "conversion chart" or instructions for substituting puree for whole fruit. LHBS made it seem as if it was fairly comparable substitution, but none of them had any personal experience.

If you have any insight as to what amount of puree I should actually use, that would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!!
If I pureed 3 lbs of fruit and cleaned most of it from my equipment then I should have 3 lbs of puree.

I don't see any difference other than the unknown quality of the frozen fruit vs the unknown quality of the fruit used for the puree.

3 pounds of puree is 3 pounds of puree. Isn't it? minus any modifiers, extenders, preservatives and other stuff that might be in them. Though they'd probably be just a blip compared to the amount of fruit.

Any sugar added to the already pureed fruit? Then you might need to decide if that is material enough to calculate for. You can guesstimate from the nutrition label and subtracting out what the fruit itself normally contains. Or just refigure your entire recipe for that total amount shown on the Nutrition label.