Frozen apple juice wine isn't fermenting... What do I do?! :(

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Dec 5, 2017
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I am very new to wine making and only have one kit under my belt. I wanted to make some cheap apple apple wine from apple juice concentrate. I based my recipe on a welches grape juice recipe
First time I pitched the yeast I think I started in too hot of water (I was rushing because that tartaric acid is mean stuff!) Then I pitched again 3 days later when I found nothing was happening and SG was not changing. Then 2 days later nothing was happening again so I did a yeast starter with yeast energizer and added raisins for nutrients. There was some activity in my starter but not a huge amount. Now it has been another 3 days and nothing is happening! Should I try pitching again or should I do a ph test to check for acid level (I would have to go buy tests because I do not have any) Or should I do a reverse start.... or just give up?!? I thought this would be such a great and cheap way to have wine for after the holidays but it's not working out so good so far! (the yeast packs have an expiry of the end of this month... if that affects....)
Hi mrsdoupe - and welcome. What was the starting gravity of this wine and what is the gravity today? If the gravity has not in fact dropped then simply adding more yeast (whether a starter or the pack) you are adding good after bad. If there is some kind of problem with the juice (and there may be sorbates or other preservatives added to prevent fermentation) then what you want to do is make a starter but then add the problem must to the starter - in small amounts - doubling the total volume in the starter ONLY when you see that the starter continues to be active... That's a standard procedure in wine making..
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The SG was 1.08 and is still that. I will try what you said. So far the yeast is going to town so I'm hoping for good things! Thank you!
Well.... I have tried that approach as well as one that the local brew store said to try and nothing is happening.... My best guess is that the juice had preservatives in it (although not listed on the label)
Sounds odd. I would pitch a whole pack of dry yeast and see what happens. Unless there are preservatives in the juice I can't understand why it would not start for you. My ferments always start within 24-36 hours.