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Oct 21, 2021
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Getting ready to start brewing (my friends & family all say 20 years too late).
The main reason I want to brew is I love beer, and want to drink the beer that I can't get anymore (like in my avatar)!
I came of age in the early 90's when you had to hunt to find new and exciting beers and Sam Adams was really leading the way.
I remember a friend's dad talking about it being new in 89, though his main interest was for beer-batter fish lol. He only needed 1 or 2 for the batter so we each had one and it blew all my dad's big three beers out of the water.
Then came October Fest, Double Bock, and too many more, what good times...
Double Bock took me to learning that some monks brewed beer to sustain themselves while fasting and I started to look at Trappist beers still love this style to this day.
I read about India pale ale and had to try it and could only find Sammy Smith’s locally. I introduced many friends to this style with a quick history lesson.
I could go on and on, but the plan is to start with an all in one (Brewzilla) and ferment the first batches in glass carboys that I have had for years and bottle at least the first batch.
I plan to upgrade fermentation to something temperature controlled fairly soon and start kegging as well.
Attached is my first official brewing purchase and some of the 48 empties I spent the last few weeks de-labeling and running through the dishwasher with the bottle washing nipples deployed.
I have already glean'd so much information from here, thanks for a great community!


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Welcome Civilian. This is a fun rabbit hole, you get to go as deep as you can or want. I was looking at your avatar earlier and thinking where can I get some of that. LOL. :mug:
Welcome to the madness. I'm a Sam Adams fan from way back. I have one bottle of Sam Adams 1994 Triple Bock left from a case that year. Drank them for 20 years and every bottle was better than the year before. Plan to drink the last on at Xmas.
I too drank far more than my fair share of Triple Bock. The best was a Double Bock with a shot of Triple Bock poured in.
SoCal woot! I’m working my way towards brewing beer that is harder to come by as well. At least once my goto brewery decided to stop making it, but still was submitting it to GABF and winning medals. Jerks.

My first attempt at an olde ale went kaput. Got some stuff to sort out first I suppose.

Welcome to the obsession!
A Double Bock clone will be a must.
A worthy goal.
May I warn you, though, against trying that style immediately? Start with a few simple recipes or ingredient kits, to make sure you have the processes down right. Something like a pale ale or such, that doesn't need extraordinary or extended times, lagering, and such.
If you haven;t already, I would recommend reading John Palmer's How To Brew |(an early version is availble online for free, but get the most recent version; he's changed his mind on a few things over the years) and Charlie Papazian's Complete Joy of Homebrewing.

But it is amazing how, 20 years ago, Sam Adams was basically the wild end (or pretty close) of brewing innovation, now they're basically an afterthought. Double Bock, Triple Bock, Utopias is still pretty wild, and so many of their other beers were taking at-the-time obscure styles, and reincarnating them.
Been reading Palmer's book daily.
I agree that is not a beginners recipe.
Probably do a simple Belgian Blond first.
Been reading Palmer's book daily.
I agree that is not a beginners recipe.
Probably do a simple Belgian Blond first.
Can't argue with that - Pilsner malt, maybe some plain ol' white sugar, and the Belgian yeast. Better still, those like to be fermented warm to get that Belgian thing - so you don't have to worry about temp control.
Welcome to the Hobby! It’s a great and rewarding one, and when I started my goal was to expand my beer palette also! Good luck with your new obsession!

and you live in a great area for beer!!

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