From picnic taps to tower

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Sep 8, 2017
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Bottom Right PA
Reading posts and looking at pictures in this forum helped me a lot when I made the move to faucets so I thought I would share my project.

Years before this I removed a pantry to enlarge a bathroom. That left a unfinished patch of drywall that was mostly covered by a large cabinet. We talked for years about what to do about it. At the beginning of this year I took action. I looked for something prebuilt to fit the needs but in a 105 year old house, even higher end cabinets just didn't seem like they would fit in.

How it started:

I'm no cabinet maker but have experience in furniture restoration and have a fair amount of tools that I accumulated over time.

So time to stop talking about it and build something.

20210106_075418.jpg 20210110_155744.jpg

Looking back, building the base as a freestanding cabinet would have been easier but I wanted it all open on the inside to help draft the fridge.

Base installed. You can see where I removed a door and patched the hole. I looked at the portion of missing base trim for about 2 years.


The countertop was made from a box of oak flooring purchased from Depot.


So on to the forum relevant portion. The fridge....

20210122_204926.jpg 20210122_204935.jpg

I lost some pictures so I'll try to explain. I used 2" PVC inside 3" PVC then expanding foam to insulate to difference. The countertop got a appropriate size hole to accommodate the 3" pipe and the fridge got a hole to fit the 2". This allowed me to put the fridge in place and slide this unit down from the top. The smaller pipe extends into the fridge a bit and into the tower. Leaving the 3" pipe about 1/8" long compresses the gasket when I screw down the tower. Of course the tower is also insulated with whatever came with it. I expected to replace it with something but I don't have much of an issue with first pour foam. Summer weather may change that.
There is a fan in the fridge that points straight up towards the tower and that may be helping. A 5v squirrel cage type that plugs into a power strip that conveniently has smart home features so it runs on a schedule. There is a large airspace behind the fridge, about 3" on the left and the right side is open to the cabinet. It seems to be happy running much less often then when I had to open the door for the picnic taps.

There you have it:


Much more storage then we need.
Motion activated under cabinet lighting help a lot at night.
The color isn't represented well on my monitor but I'm still not sure I like it. Sherwin Evergreen Fog I believe. I'll live with it for a while and see how it goes.
Painted with a cheap sprayer I wish I had bought years ago. That step stool next the cabinet (made for my daughter years ago to help with the dishes) was painted in 10 minutes without the brush strokes I see everywhere now. Resisting the urge to paint everything in the house.

Thanks again to the members for the sharing....