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Apr 23, 2018
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I recently bottled my first 100% brett fermentation. Pretty much an exact copy of Old Sock's Sebastian except for that I used Wyeast Brett C instead of WLP.

At 2 weeks, I took a gravity sample and it was probably the best-tasting warm/flat beer that I had made. I gave it 3 more weeks to be certain it was finished and when I went to bottle it, there was an overwhelming rubber flavor. During that time, the gravity dropped another .002 points and it was held at the same temp as during initial fermentation -- around 80 degrees.

I went ahead and bottled anyway and am hoping it will resolve with time but does anyone have insight into what happened here?
Definitely a possibility. I've always heard that the phenolic/fusel flavors are formed in the early stages of primary fermentation. So that it tasted phenomenal at 2 weeks after going from 1.051-1.011 and then terrible 3 weeks later at 1.009 is kind of surprising to me.
For anyone who comes upon this thread later, I kettle-soured half of this batch and that half tastes excellent.

The non-sour half might be losing its rubbery aftertaste already. Will update when I try one again.