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Desert Gecko
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Aug 27, 2008
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St. George Utah
My 6.9 Insignia has been turned back into a freezer. It fit 5 kegs, one on the hump with a 2x6 collar. It's worked really well for me. I've gone through a number of 7cu ft keezers.


I'm going to make a new 3 inch collar with four taps. A three-inch collar will let the hinges hit some of the original fasteners. I think I'll take off the wheels too. That will make it three inches lower than it is right now with the current 2x4 collar. Maybe I'll do something with the gas lines?

10 ball locks easily fit on the floor. With a 2x8 collar two more would fit on the hump (no.)

It's going to be nice to have so much more conditioning space.
The four tap collar is done. I covered it with PVC roofing and reflective insulation. It still needs a better drip try and gas lines.


Sadly, my oxbar 8L kegs do not fit on the hump. I have a couple five pound c02 tanks there now. One thing I really like is that there is enough room to keep the beer lines low.


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