Fresh Hop price curiosity, have you ever bought any and what is a good price?

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Jan 11, 2017
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So an opportunity to possibly buy some fresh hops straight from a farm has presented itself to me. I know that for most homebrewers dried, or pellet hops are what is typically used. However, has any one here ever used fresh "wet" hops, and if so what kind of price did you pay for them. I know its a ways off till harvest but I want to be ready if I do manage to get some this year.

Yeah I know harvest aren’t until late summer/early fall. Just trying to get a jump on comments so I have more info when the time comes to actually put money down for them.
I've never had the privilege/opportunity to get wet hops. However, I will say, I've had some amazing beers featuring fresh hops. Unless the price you're being quoted is just plain outrageous, I'd go for it. I would personally be willing to pay as much as $25-30 per pound for fresh hops harvested that day. Just make sure you have beer brewing to dump em into right around then as well.