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I would love to try this out. Fresh juice would be incredible for summertime shandys, or adding to any number of fun fermentations.
I would love to experiment with this awesome looking tool. I juice lemons and oranges for drinking and making melomels. Not to mention the berriers and other things like tomatoes.
Hey lovely members of HBT:rock:

INKBIRD-SOVIDER SlOW Masticating Juicer Machine for FREE TEST on HBT!
Product page:
🍒🫐92% Juice Yield & Purest Juice
🍒🫐 Easy to Use and Clean
🍒🫐 60db Silent Design
🍒🫐 Healthy and Save Time

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This sounds great I wouldn’t mind trying if this is still being offered
This is pretty cool, I’d like to try it out as well. Thanks!
I’m all over this one! A juicer is one of the things that I’ve always thought I needed in my life, I just never pulled the trigger!