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Sep 25, 2014
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I found this to be very accurate in hot or cold use. I like the WiFi range in side kegerator and being in another room.
below I posted a few readings in warm and cold tests. The first 4 photo's are cold test 1, ( 37.09 degrees F on Inkbird and 37 shown on Kegerator ) the next 2 photos are warm test. 2 ( 74.34 degrees F on Inkbird and 74-75 on wall unit. ) last 2 are house thermostat warm test 3 ( 75.36 degrees F on Inkbird and 75 degrees on thermostat, as you can see the range is very close.
I thank you Inkbird for the chance to review this great product. and for free !!!!
I have several products and enjoy them also.

Thanks for the chance to review the,
IBS-TH2 temperature sensor
Test results below.
Thanks for being an amazing customer :mug: