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For Sale Free Tap-a-Draft and 2 Cases of 12oz Bottles

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Jan 27, 2023
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Orlando, FL

I've moved full into kegging (actually years ago) and I'm looking to clear some space from the attic.

This stuff is free to anyone who wants it. I'd rather not mail it, but can meet you either in Orlando, Melbourne, or Lakeland.

The tap-a-draft system is one of the older style ones from Williams Brewing. The mini-kegs are metal, and it comes with all the original parts (as shown in the picture). The four kegs hold a 5-gallon batch, and are small enough to fit in a normal refrigerator.

The bottles are the old style returnable bottles (the ones where you put down a deposit to get them). They have much thicker glass than the bottles in a grocery store today. The boxes are the original heavy duty cardboard. I have 2 cases, 24 bottles each. All the labels have been removed. Note one of the original bottles is missing and has been replaced by another similar bottle (gave someone a homebrew to take home, and they threw it away instead of returning the empty).



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