Massachusetts FREE (pickup only) - 22 ounce bottles/swing-top bottles/jockey box/Johnson temp controller

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Dec 23, 2014
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Hi everyone -

I hope you all are safe and healthy. I've held onto these items for a while with good intentions, but its clear I'm either not going to need them or that its been so long that I don't need them. So I am giving them away to someone who will use them. Due to size/bulkiness/fragility, I can only arrange for local pickup and can arrange contactless pickup. I may be able to meet up somewhere if that works too. Just PM me! Here's what I have:
bomber bottles small.jpg

- 29 22 ounce "bomber" bottles. I can also add some bags of caps with those and maybe a capper too (one of those standard red ones). These are all clean with no labels but I'd clean them again.
swing top bottles.jpg

- 12 swing-top bottles. I believe they are 16 ounce, but I may be wrong (they are certainly no smaller than 16 ounces). I received these as a gift a number of years ago and never opened them. They are still in the Styrofoam packaging and come with a funnel and bottle cleaner.
jockey box.jpg

- 2 tap jockey box. This one is completely unused. I'll be honest, it was a cheap find on eBay and I cannot vouch for how well it works. This one is a replacement for another one I had gotten off of eBay that I broke. The other one worked well (until I broke it!) This has all the connections and hardware to set it up. The colis are 25' I believe. I kept it because even if the fittings and components don't work, I could re-build it, but I don't really have the time or need for a jockey box honestly.
temp controller.jpg

- Johnson Controls A419 temperature controller. This was a workhorse when I used to need temp controllers. Its simple to operate. I haven't used it in a number of years, so it may need some calibrating, but hey, its free!

Thanks for looking,
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