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Illinois Free Hops Crowns - St. Charles, IL pickup only

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Apr 10, 2009
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NW Suburbs, IL
Free CTZ and Chinook crowns (yes you read that right, the full crowns) for pickup only in St. Charles, IL. The crowns were originally from Great Lakes Hops planted about 5 years ago. I started with 3 crowns of each, but once I dig them out I'm betting there will over a dozen good cuttings. Strong producers, great vigor. The crowns are planted in separate locations, so I can guarantee the identity of each.

I'm doing a significant landscaping overhaul and the crowns need to go for now. Cold weather this next week will be a perfect time for to get them moved (they haven't quite started peeking out yet). I expect they will explode the next time the weather gets warm. If you are on the fence, let me know and I'll dig them up to take some pictures and get a full inventory.
Pictures below. For reference, that is a beer can in the pictures. To put this into perspective, most people selling a "rhizome" are selling a stick about the size of a pencil. A "crown" is usually about the size of your hand with some rhizomes coming off the size of your fingers.

3x Chinook Crowns and a few really nice rhizomes:

3x big CTZ crowns, 3 or 4 small crowns, and days worth of rhizomes