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Nov 5, 2016
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Finally have the brewery setup again after 2 years!

The conical fermenters I bought 2 years ago don’t fit in my ferm chamber. So I went deep down the DIY glycol rabbit hole.

So now I have this ferm chamber taking up space. It will hold 2 6 gal carboys plus a blowoff vessel.

It’s wired for heat and cold and air circulation , you need to provide the inkbird controller or some such.

It still works great. I brewed with it just last month.

Dimensions are 41x22x34.

It’s not the prettiest thing, but it works.

Free. You must pickup.


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That looks pretty neat. I just upgraded to a Blichmann Fermenator, and I'm certain it wouldn't fit. Otherwise I'd be digging for space in my basement.
By the way, is that some sort of 110v lightbulb socket heating coil?
Im interested. Im in Brighton. will need to take the measuring tape outside but I think that might fit in the jetta.

Edit: Let me know if you still have it and when would be a good time to come pick it up?
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