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New York Free - BrewPi-ESP8266 Temperature Controller Build

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Feb 7, 2016
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White Plains, NY
I recently switched one of my fermenters to use the latest version of the BrewPi-ESP hardware, and have the old hardware available if anyone wants it for free. This build is based on the original case/PCB, and as a result has RJ-11 jacks for temperature sensors. It comes with two of these sensors (one fridge, one beer) and a “multi tap” Jack to add a room sensor if desired - though you will have to build the sensor if you want it.

The build works perfectly, but the screen has several dead pixels, and there is rust on the bottom of the case from where the screws sat in condensation for a bit accidentally. Additionally, this version uses panel mount jacks which can come loose.

With that in mind, if you want it (and are located in the continental US) it’s free, shipped.

The only thing you will need to make this work is a power cable (and a BrewPi/BrewPi-Remix/Fermentrack installation).