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Florida Four 240V 7000W water heater elements for sale

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Jun 29, 2013
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Hey everyone, this is my first post on HBT!

I've been brewing 1 gallon micro-AG batches since my wife got me a Brooklyn Brew Shop kit for Father's Day. I've completed their Bruxelles Blonde with some success and their Chocolate Maple Porter is currently in the primary and I'm in the beginning stages of attempting to design my own chocolate stout. I've also completed two batches of cider to help keep SWMBO happy. All in all, lots of reading up and down the HBT threads has helped me hit the ground running. Thanks a lot to everyone for their great posts and advice. I'm sure I'll learn much more as I continue.

Now on to the matter at hand:

I was recently digging through my garage junk and rediscovered the tankless electric water heater that blew a control panel on me last year. Long story short, it got buried and forgotten until now. After researching electric brewing for a future build and I realized the heating elements in the old heater might be of use to someone. I have no use for them as they are too large for my current and future planned setups. They sell for $45.00 new here:


They are used but still functional. I don't know a fair price, but I'm open to offers. Here is a link to the picture of the four:

photo by usmcmckinster, on Flickr

I've also got 5 of these thermocouples:

photo (1) by usmcmckinster, on Flickr

Can these be used with a PID and electric brewing rig?

You can use a PID to control them just need a SSR that is large enough to handle the amperage. One thing that might be an issue is most electric brewers use ULWD elements. You might also want to state a price even if you think that it is high because the thread might get closed do to a forum violation.
Asking price is $10 each.

Or if you want them all, I'll throw in the thermocouples and old housing for $75.

Maybe someone smarter then me can make a RIMS setup out of the housing.

Do you still have the 4 7000W elements available> If so, I can use them in my pool heater. Assuming they are all good and not split, I'll pay you $10 each. If you still have them email me at [email protected] and we'll figure out the details.


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