FotD Beer Swap XXXI: Brew Unto Others

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Feb 7, 2016
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White Plains, NY
In conjunction with @LoneTreeFarms , I am proud to officially announce the 31st Gathering of the Fellowship of the Drink!

The FotD is a beer swap for members of the continental US to allow you to try some beers from outside your region. Every participant picks a few beers as their “offer.” Then we devise a draw order and go down the list until everyone has selected an offer to receive. If you’ve participated before, it’s good to see you again. If not, see below for the rules.

Here are some of the previous rounds so you can see how this works (and some of the cool names):

So how does it work?
  1. Post your interest in this thread! I will keep a list of the interested people (please also see the "Rules" below for eligibility)
  2. Make sure you are confirmed in this thread (either by being included in a list of participants or by a response to your post looking to join)
  3. Go shopping for beer! (see "What's in an offer" and "What's in the box" below)
  4. After I have confirmed your entry, but before the “Offer Due” date, PM me a photo of your offering along with a link to something like Beer Advocate/Ratebeer/Untappd for each beer so that others can get an idea of what they are choosing
  5. Wait patiently for the offer list to be posted. A few days before the drawing, I will post a complete list of all the offerings and photos
  6. When I post the offerings, I will use a randomizer to create a drawing order. I will post a time for each participant that you are “On the Clock” with five minutes between participants
  7. Be here the night of the pick (if you can - otherwise see below)!
  8. Contact the person who picked you for shipping details
  9. Ship!
  10. Wait for your care package
  11. Enjoy it responsibly, and post a pic if you like
If you think you might not be around for the pick, send either @LoneTreeFarms me a picklist order to put your choice in for you. I will not use your picklist until the end of your window, so you are welcome to enter a pick until that time.

On pick day, log in at your time slot to submit your pick on this thread. If you previously sent me a pick list, I’ll cover you. If you miss your window, say something in the thread when you arrive, and you can pick after the person currently picking. If you are a no-show, you will receive a randomly matched pick (or the last one, whichever applies.)

What’s in an offer?

Each offering should be:
  • At least 3-6 cans or bottles of commercial beer. Preferably, these will be local to the sender (or otherwise not widely distributed) but please - no more than 86 oz total in the pictured offer.
  • At least one non-beer item: glassware, stickers, koozies, etc. Get creative!
You may also offer some homemade beverages with the commercial offerings (we all love trying homebrew, let’s be honest).

What’s in the box?

The essential thing in the box is what you offered, but many participants also include other “extras.” It is not uncommon to receive beers not listed in the offering. Sometimes these are doubles, unique ones; sometimes, let’s face it, we are cleaning out our refrigerators.

The FotD isn’t a contest to see who can shove the most beer (or most expensive beer) in a box - whales are not required or expected. Most participants are looking to try beers they may have never known existed from small breweries local to you. Let’s think about those Untappd things.

Guidelines are just that, guidelines. Final shipments may, and many times do, exceed the offering posted. Extras are not required.

Some members have also been creative with “noisemakers.” I would never suggest that you ship prohibited items, but if you wanted your box to sound like something other than beer, the following have been used:
  • Hard candy
  • Coins
  • Rice
  • Beans
Be sure to pack well, and use ziplock or other methods to guard against leaks.

Rules (there must be rules)

Participants must also meet all of the following requirements:
  • Continental US resident of legal drinking age
  • An HBT member for at least six months
  • An active participant in the community (based on iTrader rating/activity, recent post count, participation in previous beer swaps, etc.)
  • ... or have been (or are vouched by) a previous FotD participant.
Current Timeline*
  • Monday, July 8th- Offers due (including photos & style descriptions)
  • Thursday, July 11th- Offers and Pick Order posted.
  • Saturday, July 13th*- Pick day! 1st pick will be around 7:00 PM EST. All others will be in a 5 min interval, according to the rules above.
Have any questions, or are you interested in participating? Post here!

* Note
- Timeline is subject to change based on confirmation with @LoneTreeFarms .
One other thing - I've been using @Whale Pod Shipper boxes for shipping cans as part of this swap for about three years now and highly recommend them. Even when FedEx has decided to play football with one of my boxes, the beer inside was delivered safe and sound.

They recently became a HomeBrewTalk sponsor, and while I was already a fan of their product, I appreciate them for supporting this community. Definitely worth a look if you're interested in reusable can or bottle shippers that aren't obviously can or bottle shippers!
In for this one as well.
I will be either shipping super quick or once I return from vacation at the end of the month.
(Secret answer C is that the person who picks my lot gets it hand delivered because I happen to vacationing in their neck of the woods)
I’ll be watching right now. We start traveling the day of picking and won’t be back for a while. I don’t know if I can even put an offer together before our trip too.
If I can make it work it may be my most absent one, not available on picking day and will probably forget to send my pick list in. Plus a mystery box style offer which I know many don’t mind.