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Jan 23, 2021
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Just found this bottle of kombucha that I put in the cupboard for second fermentation in the fall of 2019. Sadly the scoby will be sacrificed due to the small mouth of the bottle. Do you think I can use the liquid to birth a new scoby? Do you think it's vinegar? Is it safe to drink? I'm afraid to release the stopper. I'd be interested in comments or suggestions from experienced brewers. Thank you!
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I would carefully open it over some big bowl or pot and simply taste it... You will see. If it tastes like vinegar, you have your answer. At least, you can make some tea with sugar, mix it with whatever is in the bottle and wait for a week or so - after this amount of time, there should be a new SCOBY creating on top. (This can only work if the kombucha isn't flavoured.)