Forgot to use barley in a stout

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Dec 17, 2007
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I made a 5 gallon batch of stout last night using a partial mash.

I used
7 lbs dark LME
2 lbs dark DME
8 oz Patent
8 oz Chocolate Malt
1 oz Fuggles

I just realized I didn't use barley. Any idea of what I'm in for as far as taste? The whole time I knew I was forgetting something :)
It'll probably be more like a porter, you won't get the roasty taste, but with that much patent, you'll get the color.
With that much patent you'll probably need to age it a little longer as well. It will probably be a little on the acrid side for the first couple months. The dark DME and the chocolate malt should provide you with most of the flavours you're looking for so it'll still be good. :)
There is no reason you can't steep your roasted barley & add it to the fermenter. I'm not certain you'd notice either way with all that black patent. I generally use 4 ounces or less in five gallons.
Yikes, that *is* a lot of black patent. I use 8 oz in 10 gallons of my porter.
I modified a previous recipe for a Russian Imperial Stout that used 8 oz of patent.

Actually I noticed it today because unlike the stout, it had almost a dark purplish tint to it which is why I went back and checked the recipe.

I guess it'll be some sort of super dark chocolate porter :mug: