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The Flying Camera

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Jun 28, 2018
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I just made a batch of beer which is going through its second ferment problem is I have the original sg but forgot to take the final gravity before adding the secondary sugar, Will I be able to figure out my final alcohol volume. Here is the data.

51 liters of brew fermented.
Original specific gravity with added sugar before ferment was 1.06 at 73 degrees Fahrenheit
I forgot to measure my final sg.
I then added 440 grams of sugar, let it dissolve and got a sg of 0.004

What would my final alcohol percent be. I was aiming at about 8 to 8.5 percent.

Any formulas to figure his out?
Just add the extra sugar to your original recipe to get a total gravity. Plug it into calculator with your final gravity.
I did not measure the original amount of sugar. I just kept adding until the specific gravity got to 1.06. So I am still stuck.
The only thing you need is your final volume.

Say its 5 gals. Build a recipe that shows 5 gals at 1.060. Then add your extra sugar. Thats your adjusted og, or total gravity. Then calculate down to your fg for alcohol.
Where can I find a recipe builder. I just follow the instructions on the malt concentrate so I am not sure of the formula you are talking about. If it helps I ended up with 51 liters from my original 44.5 liters.
Brewers freind has free online tools for recipe building, yeast counting/alcohol/hydrometer calcs/etc. Definitely has what you need for these calcs, and more.
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I will check it out. I'm sure I will find what I need there. Thanks again