Forgot to sanitize lid.

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Jan 29, 2014
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I forgot to sanitize my lid. Yup. It’s 3 days into fermentation and I was thinking how great my brewday went until it hit me. Should I open the lid and spray it down? Or ride it out and hope for the best? I’m worried about condensation dripping down into the beer. The krausen hasn’t made it to the top.
If it was the day of, I'd probably spray it. But 3 days in, I'd just consider it a experiment. Likely if the lid was clean and dust free, then you won't have a issue.

And on day three the yeast you pitch should be working strong if they haven't finished of most of the sugar high you've given them.

So hopefully the alcohol already in the beer will kill the germs! Or at least keep it at bay.

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