Forced Carb on a Corny

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Jan 5, 2008
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Annapolis, MD
I'm new to brewing. So new that my first brew will be on 12 Jan. I will be kegging and plan on forced carbonation. OK, bear with me....what is the best way to force carbonate? I know I have to connect the CO2 tank to the corny keg...but how much psi? How long? Is that it?

I got a buddy who is helping me with the brew, so I'm pretty much set with what I need to do there, and after the primary fermantation is done, I'll keg for secondary.

I have everything I need, 1 5 gallon corny and 2 - 2.5 corny kegs.

The wife took care of everything else I would need by talking to by buddy and a couple of wearing off the numbers off her credit card.

Thanks in advanced for any and all advice.