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Jul 1, 2010
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I have a question about force carbonating beer. After doing some more reading i found I have more questions. What I've been doing is this:
Transferred from secondary into keg
I add some c o 2 to displace oxygen, usually about 10 psi.
I keep it cool usually in the thirties forties
For the style of beer I want 2 and a half volumes of c o 2 which in the homebrewers companion says 15 psi.
I add the gas and I mix it for a couple of minutes.
I put it in my lager box and keep it cool.
My questions are do I need to add more gas to get a good seal?
Do I need to leave the gas hooked up or can I apply more everyday or so? Approximately how long will it take?
Thank you guys you're the best?