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For Trade/Sale: Laptop, Computer Stuff, Phone for your Equipment!!

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Dec 29, 2009
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WTTF: Homebrewing Equipment (Fermenters, Kegs, etc.)
  • 5-6 Gallon Better Bottle
  • Corny Keg Setup (Ball Lock or Pin), I have a Regulator, No Tank, ETC.
  • Yeast Cultures/ Kits
  • Kegerator Trade (Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia Area)
  • 22 Ounce Bottles/ Rare Euro 750mls Set

    I'm stressing a trade here; I listed prices to try to guide you. I love HomeBrew, but maybe this laptop can serve as a nice BeerSmith setup :) Thanks!

    I am a regular on some computer forums, but am starting to go "ALL-In" with homebrewing. Maybe you'd like a laptop & want to dump some equipment? I will gladly look at each offer & work something out. I am new here on HBT, but I've frequented the forum... Shame on me for being too lazy to register :rockin: I have feedback at the bottom of the page. I'll be willing to call if need be. Hopefully shipping won't kill this trade.
  • Toshiba A105 Core Duo Laptop $275.00 Shipped
1.) Toshiba A105-S4211 Laptop
2.) Two (2X) Toshiba 6-Cell Batteries

* One battery was purchased approximately 1.5 years ago from ToshibaDirect. Still functions as new, 2.5+ hours of power per charge.
* Original Battery hold charge for less than 15 minutes-- however I used it when the laptop was plugged in to "save" newer battery.

3.) Original AC Adapter- functions properly, came with computer.
4.) System Restore Disk (Windows XP Home Edition), Toshiba Express Media Player Backup Disc
5.) Original Box with Packaging

Condition: Cosmetic scratches on the outside lid, nothing serious, just wear from carrying in a backpack. The inside keyboard area of the laptop is clean. There is wear on the spacebar near the lefthand side where your thumb rests. Also, there is wear on the left-click button. The only other physical blemishes are near the lefthand bezel wear there is some dirt marks; I didn't have the right cleaning supplies to get rid of the marks. I have taken the "Windows" sticker off the case, because it was a bother while typing. There is a Windows Home Certificate on the back of the laptop; this is the original operating system.

The only area of concern is there is a very slight pressure point on the screen. You can only see the pressure in the lower lefthand corner of the screen when closing the lid. Under normal operation, the screen looks excellent. I didn't even notice this until inspecting the laptop now!

# Intel® CoreTM Duo Processor T2050, 1.60GHz, 2MB L2, 533MHz FSB,
#Mobile Intel 945GM Express Chipset
# Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG (802.11a/b/g),
# 1.5 GB RAM (1GB PC5300, 512MB PC-4200)
# 80GB (5400RPM); Serial-ATA (SATA) hard disk drive
#Pioneer DVD SuperMulti (+/-R double layer) drive
# 15.4" 1280 X 800 diagonal widescreen TruBriteTM TFT active-matrix LCD
# Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 with 8MB-128MB
#Integrated Intel Pro/Wireless Network Connection 3945ABG (802.11a/b/g),
# 5-in-1 Bridge Media Adapter, ExpressCard slot supporting ExpressCard/34 and ExpressCard/54

Operational Condition: The laptop will be shipped with a fully-restored system. It will be "like new" from the factory. There have not been any issues; the computer runs cool & quiet. The machine has never been dropped, and the drives function as new. The newer battery is marked "Made In Japan," this one still works for over 2.5 hours. Screen bright & readable, there are no defects except for the small pressure point when notebook is flexed closed.





  • Nintendo Wii, D2C Solderless Modchip Installed, 2 X Controllers/ Nunchucks, WiiPlay/WiiSports $270 Shipped

This system plays backup game copies, currently has the Homebrew Channel installed, and some various applications (Donkey Kong Country I & III, 1080 Snowboarding, MarioKart 64, Metal Slug Neo Geo, etc). I can ship the system with the retail box, and all accessories are included. The console is a D2C version from about one year ago. I have about $430-450 dollars into it. It's been lightly used and collecting too much dust due to school & my buddies XBL/Halo obsession. I'll post pictures/ send them upon PM. It's down in the basement, retested everything! This is one of the most solid models, D2C drives read media very well. All the retail components are of course included.

D2C V9 Pro Modchip installed with the solderless adapter (cost $70.00 minus shipping for the bundle)

1 x Composite Cables (unopened, third party purchase)
2 x Wii Remote Controllers
2 x Nunchuck Adapters
1 x WiiSports (Sys Incl.)
1 x WiiPlay (an extra addon with one of the controllers)
Console with retail box w/ regular AA battery holders

1 X Charger Station with Two Batteries

I left WiiSports at school, but could ship that later. Everyone loves bowling right?




Serial Number is: LU348xxxxx3

The version appears to be D2C: http://wiitracker.nintendo-scene.com/search.php

  • GONE!! $30 Shipped Hammer Storage HN1200 NAS, 2 X SATA II, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, PrintServer

Network Attached Storage (NAS) box: room for two SATA hard drives, USB Print Server, Itunes Music Server, UPnP Support, Gigabit Ethernet. Linux 2.6.13 OS
This is a network attached storage device which allows you to share two harddrives within your own home & all over the world! This is a great low-power option to share files & always have access.

Physical Condition: Brand New In Box, never opened or used.

Operational Condition: Never used, but here are some helpful links & reviews:

Official Hammer Product Page: http://www.hammer-storage.com/products
Computer Shopper Review: http://computershopper.com/networking/reviews/hammer-myshare-hn1200-500

  • $22 Shipped Unlocked Motorola Razr (Black, GSM)

Phone works well, used about a year ago. It's still around since someone didn't pay for it on Ebay! The phone is unlocked and has the Motorola OEM firmware installed. It is originally a Cingular phone. Should work with GSM USA Carriers. The only complaint is the battery cover clip broke. Typical scratches, some dust behind screen.


Ebay: (some products FS): http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=james5223&&sspagename=VIP:feedback&ftab=FeedbackAsSeller"]http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=james5223&&sspagename=VIP:feedback&ftab=FeedbackAsSeller"]http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=james5223&&sspagename=VIP:feedback&ftab=FeedbackAsSeller

Heatware (two accounts, I lost my first password & couldn't reset):



I am happy to work out a trade; its funner that way. All offers OBO!
Dec 29, 2009
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I am going to add a Modded Nintendo Wii Shortly! It's pretty sweet, all ready to go & can play game backs & homebrew (homemade) programs.

I'm in Washington, DC normally. For now, I'm in Western Massachusetts.