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Maryland For Sale: Wort Chiller - Counterflow Chiller Assembly (With In-Line Thermometer) - $175 (Maryland)

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Nov 26, 2017
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Selling in-line wort chiller, with homemade self-standing wood stand. Super effective at chilling done boiling wort in minutes (so much better than the immersion chillers). Includes in-Line Thermometer, ball valve, and male and female quick disconnects.

From the Manufacturer: This complete kit features everything that you need to efficiently cool your wort, install the in-line chiller and keep tabs on the temperature throughout the entire process.

The in-line chiller features a stainless ball valve that can help you to increase or decrease the flow rate while cooling, which is very important because a slower flow gives the wort more contact time with the water and, in turn, a colder temperature. It also comes with in and out stainless steel quick disconnects and an in-line thermometer to show you exactly what temperature the wort is. You’ll never wonder if your wort is cool enough again when you use the Counterflow Chiller Assembly with In-Line Thermometer.
Inlet: female quick disconnect, outlet: male quick disconnect


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Yes. Who is the manufacturer? Would like to do a little more research.
Wondering if I'd be able to use the included pump on the Brewzilla 3.1.1, or if it doesn't produce enough flow.
Hello. It won't work for me. Thanks for the prompt response.