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For Sale - Turkey Fryer, 8 gallon pots (2!), 50' IC, in SF Bay Area

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Jun 1, 2009
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Hey gang,

My electric system's up and debugged so I thought I'd get rid of some of my old equipment. Will likely post on craigslist, but wanted to give my HBT homies a chance to get it first and at a lower price. I've used this equipment for more than 30 batches, and it's worked great.

I live in San Francisco. Not interested in shipping (sorry!).

For sale (photos below):

1 Turkey Fryer - SQ14 model

2 pots. One is a wider 8-gallon aluminum pot with a weldless valve. Winco. This is the one I used for more than 30 batches. Works great! I also have an 8 gallon pot, SS I think, that came with the turkey fryer (which I bought from a friend). That pot also comes with a steamer basket insert that would be perfect for BIAB. No valve. I will say, this one is a little crusty, since the person I bought it from had actually used it for frying a turkey. Nothing a little Oxyclean couldn't handle, I think.

1 50' IC, which I divided into a 35' ribcage chiller and a 15' pre-chiller. Usually gets wort to chilling temps in about 18 min. I'll even include the bucket for the pre-chiller.

Trying to get $100 for everything. It's a good price (especially since you could probably turn around and sell one of the pots to make some of that money back). Not interesting in shipping.

Will consider selling the parts separately, especially the pots.

PM me if interested!!


Turkey Fryer:


Pot #1:


Pot #2:


IC with pre-chiller: