Foaming issues & your ideas.

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Jun 3, 2020
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I just tapped a new keg and the foam is worse than before.

I think i poured too soon after installing the new keg.

Anyway I have a few questions.

I have installed a tower cooler fan with hose. I have insulated the tower with pipe insulation from home depot.

Heres what I’m thinking and will follow that with my question.

I think I should carve out the center hole in the insulation in the tower so there is better airflow down back into the fridge part of the kegerator.

What do you think of that?

Also, i’m thinking of replacing the beer line with longer tubing. It came with five feet of beer line. I want to replace with 10feet and go from there.

That do you think of this?

Lastly, I want to run the beer line up through the fan powered tower cooling hose to keep the beer hose cold and up the the shank.

All these ideas to keep foam to a minimum.

Share your opinion please. Be gentle. I’m just getting started in home brew and kegging.