Foaming after a few days to a week

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May 29, 2024
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So I've built a kegerator which consists of 2 kegs, 3 way manifold with 2 inline regulators, tower fan and a fan to recirculate the air in the refrigerator. The tower is insulated with 2 cm thick insulation which basically only leaves room for the lines and the air cooling hose. It's about 45 cm vertical to the taps from the keg. I have 4mm ID Eva barrier lines for both Co2 and beer. I'm using Keglands plastic flow control ball lock and also have Nukatap FC. I know about balancing but had the impression that you basically didn't need much line with the ball lock flow control so I only have about 70 cm beer line.

I always spund all my beer to save on CO2. So ales I usually spund to 25-30 psi at 20 degrees Celsius. Lagers around 20 psi at 11 degrees.

After 3 days cold crash I keg it and move it to my kegerator which is at 2 degrees and connect CO2 at 10-12 psi. For the first say week it pours perfect. But after that it's either all foam or first half is foam and then beer.

Currently I have a witbier carbed to 3 volumes of CO2 and at 16 psi serving pressure. I set and forget. In that beer line I have a lot of bubbles. Only foam comes out

In my second keg I have a lager carbed to 2.5 volumes of CO2 and at 10 psi serving pressure. Not as much bubbles in the line, but some, pours foam first half and okay second half of a glass.

What should I do? Since it pours perfect the first days to a week after kegging but then gets worse?

Tips appreciated!
I don't know anything about the flow control equipment, but I was having a similar issue to this for the last year. Beer would be perfect and then slowly get more and more carbed/foamy. Finally figured out a couple months ago that the needles on my regulator gauge were messed up. They were reading 10psi but cause they were sticky it was actually prolly closer to 15psi. I replaced the gauges with some quality ones and haven't had a problem since. Might be something to try.
I have had that thought also, since the problem comes creeping. I'm using SodaStream bottles and Keglands 360 regulator. Might just get digital gauges for the regulator and the inline regulators, way easier to set correctly with the digital. Got one for my spunding valve and it works great. Will order some more!
My Nukatap FC taps are fully open. But you're saying skip the FC ball lock QD and add more line? Was hoping not to have to have a bunch of coiled up lines in there. But if it has to be done.. what bothers me is the flow control seems to work great and giving me perfect pours up until a few days to a week then it's all foam