Flying Saucer Lands in Austin, TX

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Flying Saucer (at least here) gets everything from the local distribution we get anyway...then factor in a markup of about 200%.

In other words, I can get any beer there at the store for 1/3 of the price.
True, but that's true for just about any bar. It's the atmosphere that you are paying for, though it is hard to get one glass of draft beer at a store. :D
Yeah, it is kinda expensive.. but i love going there. It is kinda a meeting place for me and my friends. Plus the skirts.
Yes, the scenery in a beer bar minutes from the University of Texas Austin can be quite nice.
True. I've just found ours with service/selection/and the quality of food has declined some.

I'm not a member of the UFO club, but I have been going there for almost 7 years now so selection seems a tad thin now. It still is the only place I take friends because most other bars just aren't really my thing.