Floaties in my secondary

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Oct 30, 2010
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So there I am, getting ready for the last time to bottle a batch of beer (Santa is hooking me up with a 2 tap kegging system) and I notice a TON of floating balls in my secondary. Due to a lack of bottles it has been sitting in my basement for roughly 3 months. No biggie right? They are usually just yeast micelles chilling out on the top instead of in the yeast cake, except these don't like right. So being inquisitive I try to smash one with my racking cane to check it out, and it doesn't budge. Not good, not good at all. Resigned to a potentially skunky beer I racked to my bottling bucket and sat down in my chair to watch it all drain. As I am staring blankly at my wall I came to a revelation, this is a Belgian Honey Ale, and part of the recipe was to put in 2 tablespoons of partially crushed coriander seeds. All is well!

Sorry about this randomness, but I felt the need to share with someone who would appreciate my heartbreak at a yeast infection, because SWMBO doesn't care.:cross: