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Mar 24, 2018
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Here is my question, I am wondering can you flavor after you have stabilized to strangeth the flavor? Like add raspberry juice after you stabilized when you go to back sweeten.
I was not looking to carbonate the mead.
I was asking if I can add more flavor to it after the PS stage is complete. I.E add more raspberry juice to give it a more raspberry flavor /taste.
After stabilization you can add fermentable sugars and the mead or wine should not restart to ferment but if you simply add stabilizers to a mead full of viable yeast cells then it is not clear that chemicals will be enough to inhibit further fermentation. K-meta can destroy a few volunteer yeast cells which is why it is used before fermentation to remove any competing yeasts before your selected yeast can gain a toe hold and K-sorbate (and both chemicals are used in tandem to stabilize, not one or the other), inhibits fermentation because it prevents cells from budding. That simply means that any large colony of yeast can still ferment sugars, they just cannot reproduce.