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Jul 8, 2008
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Well I decided to go a different direction then I had originally planned. As my wife and son both help with the brewing I decided to go with a theme that all of us enjoy. All of the brews will be Discworld themed, and products of a well known (the Mended Drum), bar from the series.

The first one is for my batch of cider (Ed's Apfelwien):

The second is for my Wheat. The cool thing about this one is that, the fictional beer is a reference to Redback beer, which is also a wheat. :D

I still have some clean up I'm going to do, but I thought I post these up to get some suggestions before I went to that.

I should also mention that both the images are modifications of real artists work. I figured it probably wouldn't be an issue for beers that I'm only sharing with friends, but I don't know if it will be a problem posting here...

So...impressions, thoughts, critiques?